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Anonymous said: what field interests you that youre studying chemical engineering? energy, chemistry, space, etc?

Chemistry and energy

Anonymous said: all bullshit aside would you rather be single or in a relationship?

In a relationship 😒

Anonymous said: what do you want to study?

Chemical engineering is what I’m majoring in

Anonymous said: U R JUST SEXY ALL OVER

I try

Anonymous said: good luck tomorrow \m/(>.<)\m/

Awh thanks 😘

Anonymous said: your life sucks cuz u live in a state named after a cheap ice tea. move to the state of california or red bull

Okay I’ll get on that


if you ever think about sending me an ask and decide not to cause “oh s/he doesn’t care” or “oh I don’t want to bother him/her” literally I’m the loneliest piece of shit you can find and would still love you if you sent me the word nuzzle over and over again

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