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Anonymous said: Happy National Orgasm Day!!!


Anonymous said: Have you or would you ever date an asian guy?

Sure why not

Anonymous said: you are really stunning in the pic of you sitting on the bathroom counter wearing a black jacket and blue pants, just amazing.

Well thank you!

Anonymous said: why hasn't someone swooped you up, you're gorgeous.

I dunno ๐Ÿ˜ž

Anonymous said: why is he your ex? has to be something wrong with him. DOES HE STINK?

I’m pretty sure he’s gay

Anonymous said: why are you afraid of falling in love?

Cuz I’m broken

Anonymous said: "You Deserve To Be Happy Not In The Arms Of Someone Who Keeps You Waiting, But In The Arms Of Someone Who Will Take You Now, Love You Forever, And Leave You Never."


Anonymous said: Are you into off-roading, 4x4 at all, or just street racing?

I have an f150

Anonymous said: have you modded your civic at all?

Hell no. I got wheels and that’s it. I bought it with an exhaust tho

Anonymous said: I thought the flowers on your stomach were colored in but they look black n white?

They’re black and grey